MINI 3 Tier Worm Farm (Black) With 500 worms


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Using a Worm Farm as part of your home organic waste recycling is a great way to support both a healthy garden and a healthier environment.

The sleek design is excellent for indoor & outdoor use and year-round production. Let worms transform your kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich organic fertilizer. The worms migrate upwards, as they go, leaving behind beautiful nutrient rich worm castings that will allow your garden to thrive. Kit includes lid, 3 working trays, base tray, tap, stainless steel base holder and 500 worms.

  • 3 x Rotatable working trays
  • 5L Capacity per working tray – 15L in total
  • Decorative stainless steel base
  • 500 worms included
  • Easy assembly
  • Materials Of Construction – Polypropylene (PP) & Stainless Steel
  • Color – Black
  • Country of Origin – China
  • Maze Item Number – MWF-TXT001-500

Individual Item Dimensions – W 224 x D 251 x H 325mm

Package Dimensions – W 245 x D 265 x H 280mm

Package Net Weight – 3.2kg

Package Gross Weight – 3.7kg