Lechuza self watering pots and planters are stylish and unique. The Lechuza range includes both indoor and outdoor planters, in a variety of colours and shapes.

The Lechuza planters present sophisticated features, proven quality and superb design. A wide variety of garden planters and home décor pots make it easy to find the right planter for every plant.

All Lechuza Planters are shatterproof, ultralight, UV resistant and constructed from high quality polypropylene.

Lechuza self watering sub irrigation system is designed to emulate nature and allow plants to extract the right amount of water for optimal growth.

  • LECHUZA PON Plant Substrate
  • Planting Plate – For Stick Systems
  • Replacement LECHUZA Sticks – 3 Pack
  • CANTO Stone 14
  • PURO CUBE Color 14
  • PURO CUBE Color 16
  • PURO CUBE Color Triple
  • Glossy CUBE Triple
  • YULA Planter
  • YULA Watering Can
  • Macramé Hanger
  • PURO Color 20