Arrow Dripper Twin Pack


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This Twin pack come with 2 arrow drippers, tube and 2 way manifold connecting the arrow drippers. It does not come with a dripper to connect to the poly pipe. It can be attached to either of these dripper options:

PC Dripper 2l/h:

PC Dripper 4.2l/h:

Our non PC dripper are not compatible as the 2 way manifold will not attach to these

  • Easy to fix the location in soil for irrigation with their stick.
  • Turbulent flowing with the labyrinth of passageways, and uniform flowing.
  • Good for clogging resistant with filter net inlet.
  • Produced by good quality of plastic material with Anti-corrosion and not broken.
Working Pressure:  0.2-2.0bar Minimum Filtration: 120mesh. Arrow Dripper Dimensions (mm): 50 x 10 x 110    

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