Check out our range of Compost Bins, Worm Farms, Bokashi Bins and other composting products. Around half of household garbage is organic waste that can be recycled and be used to feed your garden by creating compost.

Food scraps that are thrown to the rubbish, end up in a landfill. In the landfill, food waste decomposes and produce methane gas, a greenhouse gas which affect air quality and contribute to climate change.

By turning some of your household waste into compost you not only helping your garden to flourish but also being more sustainable and promoting a healthier environment.

  • Worm Farms & Composting Worms

    Worm Farms & Composting Worms (34)

    Almost 50% of our household waste is organic and ideal for composting. Using a Worm Farm as part of your home organic waste recycling, is a great way to support both healthier garden and a healthier environment. When placed in one of our Worm Farms, composting worms typically digest up to 4kg of organic kitchen waste per week. Using a…
  • Kitchen Compost Bins

    Kitchen Compost Bins (41)

    Our range of indoor composting products includes Bokashi Bins, Kitchen Compost Caddies, Compostable Bags and everything else you would need to start recycling kitchen scraps from the comfort of your home. The advantage of Bokashi composting, is that you can recycle kitchen scraps including meat, dairy and even cooked food, that is usually advised not to include in your outdoor…
  • Compost Bins

    Compost Bins (68)

    Our range of composters includes a variety of ground compost bins and compost tumblers. From the more traditional ground compost bins to our state of the art 245lt Compost Tumbler, you can find a composter to meet your needs and budget. Our more advanced compost bins are designed to hold a large amount of organic waste and speed up the…
  • Composting Cart
  • 180L MAZE Geared Twin Tumbler
  • 180L MAZE Geared Twin Tumbler with Composting Cart
  • 180L MAZE Geared Twin Tumbler (Mega Bundle, 9L caddy)
  • 180L MAZE Geared Twin Tumbler (Mega Bundle, 7L Caddy)
  • 245L MAZE Compost Tumbler
  • 245L MAZE Compost Tumbler with Composting Cart
  • 245L MAZE Compost Tumbler (Mega Bundle, 9L caddy)
  • 245L MAZE Compost Tumbler (Mega Bundle, 7L Caddy)
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