Our range of composters includes a variety of ground compost bins and compost tumblers. From the more traditional ground compost bins to our state of the art 245lt Compost Tumbler, you can find a composter to meet your needs and budget. Our more advanced compost bins are designed to hold a large amount of organic waste and speed up the process of composting.

Our 245lt compost tumbler is incorporating all the features you need to compost at home. A large double compartment design, an easy to use gear and handle tumbling system, easy access to collection of ready compost underneath, among other great features, makes it the perfect composter.

  • 180L Geared Twin Tumbler
  • 180L Maze Geared Twin Tumbler with Composting Cart
  • 180L Maze Geared Twin Tumbler (Mega Bundle, 9L caddy)
  • 180L Maze Geared Twin Tumbler (Mega Bundle)
  • 245lt Maze Compost Tumbler
  • 245lt Maze Tumbler with Composting Cart
  • 245lt Maze Compost Tumbler (Mega Bundle, 9L caddy)
  • 245lt Maze Compost Tumbler (Mega Bundle)
  • 245lt Tumbler with Stainless Steel Fasteners
  • EASY-TURN 245L Compost Tumbler – New 3 Gear add on
  • Assembled 245lt Maze Compost Tumbler
  • EASY-TURN Gear for 245L Tumbler