Green Johanna Outdoor Compost Bin


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The Green Johanna is a closed 330lt , hot composting bin designed to convert both garden and kitchen waste (including meat, bones, dairy and fish) into a nutrient rich compost

It boasts a sleek conical design to prevent organic waste sticking the inside walls together with adjustable ventilation ports in the lockable lid.

Other features include upward facing air vents in the base and 2 x sliding access doors for the easy inspection and collection of ready to use compost

  • Ventilation system regulated by the lockable lid to adjust air circulation and temperature
  • Sectional construction
  • Round shape to ensure no cold corners and even distribution of heat
  • Sliding doors on two sides to make inspection and collection easy
  • Base plate with 4.5mm holes to allow good ventilation.
  • Base plate with 4 x inward facing air vents to promote upward air flow
  • Height: 94cm
  • Base Diameter: 82cm
  • Lid Diameter: 54cm
  • Volume: 330lt
  • Weight: 10kg
  • Code: MC-GJO

Green Johanna Instructions