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Maze combines innovation and simplicity to bring you a wide and varied range of products designed to suit your gardening and household needs. Our products include items like the Maze Compost Tumblers and other solutions for composting inside and out, to a wide range of backyard greenhouses and much, much more. Our aim is to help you enjoy and make the most out of your garden, today and into the future.

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Enjoy your garden all day, every day, with our range of solutions for composting inside and out, plus backyard greenhouses to suit any yard and much, much more.

Happy Composters

A brighter future for our soil.
To celebrate International Compost Week 2022, we aim to support Australian Schools to engage students in learning about composting and the disposal of food waste!
A brighter future for our soil.
Join the Maze Junior Compost Heroes and participate in our monthly garden challenges, whilst learning all about creepy crawlies, flowers, and growing food for yourself! Suitable for primary school aged children, our monthly magazine is designed to instil a love of nature and healthy eating.

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Cara is this month’s Maze Greenie. Cara is currently travelling around Australia living out of her van, and she loves using Maze products to keep her footprint light & sustainable while she travels.

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