Skaza 15.3L Bokashi Organko Essential – Grey


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The Skaza 15.3L Bokashi Organko Essential is an air-tight bokashi bin for organic waste fermentation, made from post-consumer recycled plastics

Gardeners want to give the soil as quality treatment as possible. With Bokashi Organko Essential and effective microorganisms (from the liquid Bokashi supplied), you will get a fermented first-class compost base that preserves almost all nutrients. You will improve microflora and give your plants better conditions for their growth; also, the crop will be healthier without using artificial fertilizers. You will also get bokashi liquid – an organic fertilizer and a natural drain cleaner.

Transform ALL food waste (including cooked food, meat, fish and cheese) into a super healthy, nutrient rich compost with the help of this stylish indoor composting system.

The preliminary fermentation process utilizes an air tight container and Bokashi bacteria as a compost activator and has been specifically designed to initiate the breakdown of organic waste in the home environment.

Bokashi is a Japanese term meaning Fermented Organic Matter. It can refer to either a liquid or bran based material that has been fermented with EM (friendly bacteria). Bokashi products are generally pleasant smelling and, when added to your bucket, are designed to accelerate the fermentation of organic matter.

The fermentation process does not produce adverse smells so you can keep it anywhere in the home. Once treated in the Kitchen Composter, the material can then be safely dug into your garden or placed into your outdoor compost bin.

This kit consists of 1 x 15.3L Skaza Organko Essential container (with tap, lid, handle & draining sieve), 1 x scoop, 1 x compactor and 1 x 500ml bottle of liquid Bokashi

  • Can accommodate cooked and uncooked food (including meat, fish, fruit and vegetables)
  • Conveniently collected in your kitchen instead of constant trips outside
  • The liquid produced can be used a natural cleaner for drains or diluted and used as a fertilizer for plants
  • No adverse smells or fruit flies
  • When the contents is added to your garden it rebuilds the soil & decontaminates soil from harmful pathogens/pollutants
  • Materials Of Construction – 100% Recycled Polypropylene (PP)
  • Color – Grey
  • Country of Origin – Slovenia
  • Maze Item Number – MCI-S15GR-L5

Item Dimensions – W 352 x D 302 x H 315mm

Package Dimensions – W x 345 x D 315 x H 375mm

Package Net weight – 1.8kg

Package Gross Weight – 2.3kg

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