MAZE Worm Farm with Legs


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Designed and produced in Australia from mostly recycled materials, the Maze Worm Farm is a stylish yet compact solution for processing your kitchen organic waste.

Unlike other bulky worm farms on the market the Maze Worm Farm takes up very little room, making it perfectly suited to your balcony, deck, patio, or garden.

Important Features

  • 2 x rotatable working trays
  • 4 x plastic legs
  • Worm saver tray (to prevent worms falling through to the bottom of the housing)
  • Base with an open drain (to prevent liquid build up and encourage additional air flow)
  • 1L liquid collection jug provided for the collection of worm tea
  • Easy to clean and maintain

About Worm Farms

Almost 50% of our household waste is organic and ideal for composting.

Using a Worm Farm as part of your home organic waste recycling is a great way to support both a healthy garden and a healthier environment.

When placed in a Maze Worm Farm, composting worms typically digest up to 4kg of organic kitchen waste per week.

Using a Worm Farm at home is a great way to get the whole family involved in your home sustainability efforts and a fun way for kids to learn about caring for the environment.

  • 2 x rotatable working trays
  • 4 x plastic legs for easier access and the use of a liquid collection receptacle beneath the base unit
  • 1L liquid collection jug provided
  • Optimal airflow for worms on all levels
  • Easy to slide worm-saver tray
  • Easy to lift and hang lid
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Made in Australia
  • Made from recycled material diverted from landfill
  • Optional extras available
  • Included:  2 x Working Trays, 1 x Lid, 1 x Base, 1 x Worm-Saver Tray, 4 x Plastic Legs, 1 x 1L Liquid Collection Jug, Coconut Peat & Worm Blanket
  • Item Dimensions: 383 x 383 x 280mm 3.2kg
  • Box Dimensions: 390 x 390 x 300mm 3.7kg
  • Weight: 3.7KG
  • Maze Code: MWF-MV1LB

Worm Farm Instructions A5 191023

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