WonderGrip Oil Guard Glove


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The Wonder Grip Oil Guard is constructed on a 15-gauge nylon liner with a triple nitrile coating, providing unrivalled abrasion, tear-resistance and impermeability to industrial oils.

The lightweight construction and soft finish of Oil Guard allows the user to maintain a high level of dexterity while remaining comfortable. Oil Guard is the glove of choice for users seeking a heavy-duty glove for damp and oily applications that do not require cut resistance.

• Liquids
• Industrial oils
• Public authorities
• Automotive
• Warehousing-packing-and-logistics
• Oil-and-Gas
• Mining industry
  • Higher resistance to industrial oils and abrasion
  • Maximum grip performance and extreme durability
  • Impermeable for working in oily or greasy environments, with tactile sensation and improved grip
  • Optimized fit for improved dexterity and reduced hand fatigue

TDPT Technology : Thermo Set Pre Curved Design :  All our gloves are produced via our TPDT™ technology. Placed inside a mould that reproduces the natural shape of a hand at rest during soaking, our gloves are also washed and dried via a method specifically developed by our in-house engineers. This method offers our users freedom of movement and the increased sensitivity that has earned Wonder Grip its international reputation

  • Material : Spandex, Polyester
  • Coating level : Nitrile , Palm coated
  • Sizes Available : 8 and 10

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8 – Medium, 10 – XL