Maze Level Linking Kit


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The Level Linking Kit from Maze allows up to 3 x MINItanks to be connected in series essentially creating an expanded “super” tank.

Connected at the bottom of each MINItank tank the kit ensures water levels remains equalized while allowing pooled water reserves to be conveniently accessed through a single communal tap.

In the case of more than 3 x MINItanks the system can be easily expanded through the use of multiple kits.

  • Connect up to 3 x MINItanks in series
  • Maintains equal water levels in each tank
  • Multiple tanks act as one super tank
  • Each tank fills and empties at the same rate


  • 3 x taps
  • 1 x elbow
  • 1 x nut and tail
  • 2 x tees
  • 3 x directors
  • 4 x 35cm x 19mm LDPE pipe
  • 2 x joiners
  • 4 x clamps
  • 1 x teflon tape


  • Code: MWT-LV-LINK
  • Weight: 590g

Level Linking Kit Instructions