Downpipe Diverter & Linking Kit


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Downpipe Diverter

The MINItank Downpipe Diverter provides a simple yet effective solution for the collection of rainwater from your roof and into your MINItank.

The Diverter itself is 108mm x 103mm and, as such, can accommodate both a rectangular (up to 100mm wide) and circular (up to 100mm in diameter) downpipe.

The Diverter works by collecting the bulk of rain water flowing through the downpipe and funnelling it, through a tube, into the body of the MINItank. When the tank is full, excess water is then redirected back through the Diverter and into the downpipe (to prevent tank overflow).


Linking Kit 

Redirect overflow and increase your water storage capacity by joining two or more of your MINItanks together with a Maze Linking Kit.

Suitable for use with all our MINItanks.

Downpipe Diverter

  • Fits most conventional downpipes
  • Provides overflow protection for your tank
  • Simple to install


Linking Kit 

  • Suitable for use with all Maze MINItanks
  • Perfect for directing overflow to subsequent tanks
  • Includes all parts required for assembly and installation

Downpipe Diverter

  • Dimensions:  109mm x 123mm x 110mm (+tube)
  • Weight: 180g
  • Construction: Recycled plastic
  • Maze Part Number: MWT-DIV


Linking Kit 

  • Dimensions: 25cm x 25cm x 10cm
  • Weight: 100g
  • Construction: Recycled plastic
  • Maze Part Number: MWT-LINK

Click here to download Downpipe Diverter instructions