600L ANTIQUE Amphora MINItank – Sandstone


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This tank brings a Mediterranean feel to your garden, whilst allowing you to harvest precious rainwater. Due to the manufacturing process, each of these tanks have a unique lifelike replica of a genuine Mediterranean vase.

This tank features a fixed planter cup in the top that’s just waiting to be planted out. Lined with geotextile fleece it allows the planted area to also catch rainwater which is collected into the tank below. The high quality threaded tap hole in the front of the tank allows for effortless tap installation, with the water below the tap level serving as a stable base.

Made in Germany from high-quality materials with high UV stability, this tank will be the centrepiece of any outdoor space. Please note tap provided may be different to tap shown in images.



  • Lifelike replica of a Mediterranean vase
  • Decorative water collector with integrated plant cup
  • 3/4 inch brass thread for easy installation of the tap
  • Each tank is unique! (due to the special production process)
  • Made in Germany

Volume Capacity – 600L

Materials Of Construction – PE (Polyethylene)

Color – Sandstone

Maze Item Number – MWT-G211613

Country of Origin – Germany

Dimensions 600L AMPHORE

Item Dimensions – W 1040 x D 920 x H 1420mm

Item Weight – 30kg

Instructions AMPHORE