50 x 4L p/h Non-PC Drippers with 25m Polytube Kit


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Reduce water usage by at least 60% by delivering water directly to your garden and plants!

Ideally suited for level gardens and surfaces, NON-PC (non-pressure compensated) Drippers have been designed to deliver the optimum amount of water required to satisfy the thirst requirements of your prized garden without the evaporation incurred through other methods of irrigation.

Comprising a filter, diaphragm and MAZE labyrinth, each of the NON-PC drippers utilize control flow technology to ensure that water is delivered to your garden in the most economical and effective way possible.

Don’t waste your time, money and energy simply watering your weeds. Whatever your garden’s water requirements, MAZE Drippers are sure to quench the water needs of even the thirstiest plant in your collection.

  • Water is delivered directly to the plant roots rather than sitting on the leaves or top soil
  • Reduces the risk of plant fungal infections and insect problems by only delivering water to the plant roots
  • Prevents loss of water due to runoff, wind, evaporation etc
  • Significantly reduces soil erosion and compaction
  • Suitable for all soil types
  • Easily laid and suitable for most environments
  • Polytube made in Australia – Drippers made in Israel
  • Kit Includes – 1 x 25m LDPE Polytube (13mm), 50 x Non-PC Drippers, 1 x Punch Tool, 10 x Ground Spikes, 1 x Pressure Reducer (1.8Bar), 1 x Tap Connector (3/4′), 2 x Joiner (13mm), 3 x Tee (13mm) & 3 x End (13mm)
  • Irrigation Type & Qty – 50 x External Non-PC Drippers
  • Internal Tube diameter – 13mm
  • Flow rate – 4L p/h
  • Maze Code – MDK-NDP504-25
  • Country of Origin
    • Polytube – Made in Australia
    • Drippers – Made in Israel
    • Remaining Components – Made in China

Packing Dimensions – W 56 x D 54 x H 18cm

Total Net Weight – 1.46kg

Total Gross Weight – 1.96kg

Dripper Kit Instructions