470lt E-Composter


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Easy?to assemble, use and maintain the 470lt E- Composter boasts connected inner walls (for extra strength and support), an impressive 470lt capacity, dual hatches for easy access to ready compost, a top watering cup and hatch doors that double as leaf and compost collectors


  • Inner wall connecting system
  • Dual hatches
  • Easy assembly, no tools required
  • New and slim packaging (eco-friendly)
  • Top watering cup (to speed the composting process)
  • Hatch doors double as leaf collectors
  • Made from recycled material
  • Dimensions assembled: 79cm x 79cm x 79cm
  • Dimensions of box:81cm x 79.5cm x 11cm
  • Part Number: 17186236

Click here to download 470lt E Composter instructions