PRE ORDER AUGUST – 300L LANZAROTE MINItank x 2 Kit (with Linking Kit, Diverter & Stands) – Grey


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Consisting of 2 x MINItanks with taps, 2 x Stands, Linking Kit & Downpipe Diverter, harvesting water for your garden has never been easier thanks to the 300L LANZAROTE MINItank Kit. The stands enables the MINItanks to be raised off the ground to allow space to fill a watering can, bucket, or alternatively, to provide stronger pressure for low-flow irrigation.

The Downpipe Diverter provides a simple yet effective solution for the collection of rainwater from your roof and into your MINItank. The Diverter itself is 108mm x 103mm and, as such, can accommodate both a rectangular (up to 100mm wide) and circular (up to 100mm in diameter) downpipes. The Diverter works by collecting the bulk of rain water flowing through the downpipe and funnelling it, through a tube, into the body of the MINItank. When the tank is full, excess water is then redirected back through the Diverter and into the downpipe (to prevent tank overflow).

Finally the Linking Kit will redirect overflow and increases your water storage capacity by joining two or more of your MINItanks together.

Made in Germany from 100 % recycled material (PP), the 300L LANZARO MINItank Kit is a practical addition to any garden.

*Please note that the hole for the tap, diverter or linking kit has not been predrilled. A 25-26mm spade bit will be needed for this.

  • Kit Includes; 2 x 300L LANZAROTE MINItanks with taps, 2 x Stands, Linking Kit & Downpipe Diverter
  • Plastic MINItank combined with the classic shape of a plant pot
  • Child-proof lock incorporated into the lid and body of MINItank
  • Made from 100% recycled material (PP)
  • Made in Germany

Volume Capacity – 300L

Materials Of Construction – 100 % Recycled Polypropylene (PP)

Color – Grey

Maze Item Number – MWT-G-LANx2KIT

Country of Origin – Germany

Individual Tank Dimensions – W 820 x D 820 x H 860mm

Individual Base Dimensions – W 530 x D 530 x H 330mm

Individual Tank Weight – 7kg

Individual Base Weight – 4.02kg

Full Kit Package Dimensions – W 830 x D 830 x H 910mm

Full Kit Weight – 22.2kg