MY Best ever black gold compost

Here is my easy recipe for making the best-ever black gold compost:

Prep time:           1 min a day

Total time:          8-12 weeks

Servings:              Continuous delightful nutrient dense compost


Greens (Nitrogen):
  • Egg shells
  • Grass clippings
  • Fruit (not citrus)
  • Peels and cores*
  • Vegetables and peels*
  • Coffee grounds
  • Tea bags and leaves (remove staples)
  • Bread and Pasta

*hard skin and pips will take longer to decompose

  • Paper towel
  • Paper and Cardboard (without waxy surfaces)
  • Ash
  • Dry leaves
  • Woodchips
  • Straw
  • Egg carton (without the labels)
  • Toilet paper and Newspaper


Add your greens and browns at a30:70 ratio. Chop/shred items. The brownswill absorb the excess moisture out of the greens, so add more brown as you go if it is too wet looking. Empty your caddy into your compost tumbler and turn it every second day. Water as needed if too dry.

For a more comprehensive list of items that can and can’t go into your composter, check out What Can You Compost page.


please click on the recipe for a free printable card.

Once it has cooked it turns into a dark, crumbly like soil and has a natural earthy aroma. This is your compost…ready for spreading.