• Lechuza Self-Watering Planters

    Lechuza Self-Watering Planters (56)

    Lechuza self watering pots and planters are stylish and unique. The Lechuza range includes both indoor and outdoor planters, in a variety of colours and shapes. The Lechuza planters present sophisticated features, proven quality and superb design. A wide variety of garden planters and home décor pots make it easy to find the right planter for every plant. All Lechuza…
  • Moss Pole – Twin Pack with 1 Spike
  • Moss Pole – 4 Pack with 2 Spikes
  • Moss Pole – 10 Pack with 5 Spikes
  • Moss Pole – 5 Pack
  • Tomato Grower Planter 300
  • Tomato Grower Planter 400
  • Protective Cover for Tomato Grower
  • Potato Grower Planter 300
  • Potato Grower Planter 400
  • Vertical Garden MINI CASCADE
  • Vertical Garden CASCADE
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    LECHUZA PON Plant Substrate