Composting: have you thought about doing it?

Arghhh there is so much to learn…so much to know. Where to start? Sticking with my ground rules KISS (Keeping it simple, silly!) I have chosen one product to begin with. COMPOSTING!!! So it has been exactly 1 week since joining forces with my husband and I actually cannot believe the encounters I have had since this new awareness about composting has entered my soul. It is like when you are pregnant and you just see pregnant women everywhere. I even heard the words from the Australian anthem being sung at my children’s school assembly “with golden soil” and instantly thought that Australia’s soil could very well be golden if we all partook in a bit of composting!! And bizarrely cannot believe that I have met several random people this week that are very passionate about composting and creating zero waste. Who knew this world existed? Media continue to assert that our planet is under threat and that we have the power to shift this reality. The problem is however that many of us are just not educated to know what to do. I certainly have no idea how I can make a difference.

So with all these strange synchronicity’s and serendipitous meetings coupled with a newfound drive to “save the world” I have been flooded with many ideas. Yay very exciting!!

Did I mention I know nothing about composting? I don’t compost myself and don’t know how to do it. I don’t know what it does nor the reasons or the benefits of it. Crucial really, if I am to assist my husband in his business

I decided to set up a home compost system at home and report my experience with real transparency. Truth being that if I can do it – anyone can.

Meanwhile I also want to learn more about why we should all be doing this. How waste can turn into something beautiful… treasure. I want to find ways to make it “clean” and fun and ultimately gratifying as I learn to close the food cycle gap. Here I go…

How did you initially discover the world of composting? Any other ideas of how I can embrace this world even further? Join me on this journey and stumble along with me to see what evolves.