4 Reasons We Should all Compost at Home

Really? Do we have to? Its rubbish…it’s smelly, dirty and yuck. And whilst I am not a germ-a-phobe, I seriously have enough to be concerned and guilty about (I am a mum and it goes with the territory!!) Do I really need to be adding something extra to my already overwhelming to do list?

So what is so good about composting anyway?

After a lot of reading and a lot of research and I have compiled the results into 4 categories of persuasion. Please read these compelling arguments:

1. We should compost to help our gardens thrive organically:

  • Composting slowly and progressively feeds microorganisms into the soil and improves its quality.
  • Compost-fed soil is moister and improves its ability to retain water, so there’s less need to water as frequently.
  • Plants that you grow in compost-fed soil are more resistant to pests and diseases.
  • Composting increases the nutrients in the food that you grow.
  • Composting increases the yield of the produce that you grow.

2. We should compost for financial gain:

  • Composting eliminates the need to outlay the expense for fertilisers, soil improvers, and potting mixes that are negatively environmentally impactful.
  • Using compost will help you reduce water use in the garden.
  • Long term composting can save on rubbish service with smaller bin and rates for council.
  • Composting quite literally turns a liability into an asset.

3. We should compost for environmental gain:

  • As most of our waste is compostable we can all reduce the need for landfills. (see article 3).
  • Composting cuts greenhouse gases produced by landfill sites (See article 3).
  • Composting cuts greenhouse gases produced by the collection and processing of our household waste.

4. We should compost to make us feel good:

  • Treating our planet with reverence and true respect increases personal happiness.
  • Teaching our children about “nature’s technology” of turning our waste into food is an interactive and interesting way to learn about the earth.
  • Composting gives you integrity that you are doing your bit to save the world and walk the talk
  • Composting is apparently fun!!! Unplug, go hands free and get into nature.
  • Simply knowing that you are making a positive difference. We live in a connected world and we are all making a difference with the actions we choose to take. Either good or bad. Whatever we do really impacts what happens to others and the world.

An extensive and very powerful list.

Oh no…I cannot unlearn this. And I know what this means…I need to embrace this world of composting.

I am convinced! Are you? Why do you think this information isn’t easily accessible or embraced in Australia? Do you compost? Do you want to but don’t know how or are there other reasons that you don’t do it?

(References: Amanda Gore 2014 Joy is an inside job and it’s free, Compost City Rebecca Louie, Organic Composting made easy Dr John Stone)